Cistelaier S.p.A. mette a disposizione dei propri Clienti una vasta scelta di materiali, dal FR4 standard fino a materiali digitali ad alta velocità e HDI, prodotti anche nella versione Halogen Free:
  • •  FR4 standard & Leadfree: Iteq IT140 & IT588; Isola Duraver ML104i - Tg 140 °C; Black FR4 
    •  Mid Tg epoxy for Lead-free process: Iteq IT158 -Tg 160 °C ; Isola IS400 -Tg 150 °C 
    •  Mid Tg– Halogen Free: Iteq IT40G -Tg 140 °C, IT150G; 
    •  High Tg 180°C epoxy (without filler): Iteq IT180 (also No/Low flow Prepreg); Isola IS420& IS410;ARLON 45N 
    •  High Tg 180°C epoxy (with filler): Iteq IT180A & IT180i; Isola PCL370HR; Nelco N4000-29 ; Hitachi700GR; EMC 827 i 
    •  High Tg 170°C epoxy – Halogen Free: Iteq IT170GRA1 & IT170G & IT180GN 
    •  High speed application: Nelco N4000-13(Si) & N4800-20(Si); Isola Fr408HR, IS600(series), Astraand I-Tera; Iteq IT200DK and IT150DA(SE), IT-968 (SE), IT-988G, IT-988G SE; Panasonic Megtron6and Megtron7 
    •  Capacitance layer: OAK-Mitsui Faradflex
Materiali ad alta prestazioni per applicazioni avionico/militari:
  • •  Polyimide Resin System: Arlon 33N, 35N, 84N, 85N, 85HP; Ventec VT901(also No/Low flow); Hitachi MCL-I-671; Isola 95P/96P; NELTEC N 7000VO 
    •  Epoxy Resin System: Arlon® Kevlar 4NK (Tg 170 °C and 4.7 ppm/°C)
    •  Epoxy and Polyimide Thermount® & Para Aramid fiber: ARLON® 55NT/85NT
    •  Copper/Invar/Copper : tipically 150 ?m thick - 17/120/17 ?m)
  • •  Thick copper: fino a 500 microns, anche per applicazioni BusBar.
Substrati di copertura al Kapton® per circuiti flessibili:
  • •  Flexible Laminates-Polyimide film based: DuPont PYRALUX LF; PYRALUX FR;
  • •  Flexible Laminates- Polyimide film based Adhesiveless: PYRALUX AP, PYRALUX AP-Plus & PYRALUX TK
  • •  Flexible Laminates-Polyimide based Adhesiveless: UBE Upilex 25-50-75 ?m; Iteq 25-50-75 ?m
  • •  Emi shielding layer: Tatsuta SF-PC6000 and TATSUTA SF-PC 3300
Materiali ad alta frequenza a base di Teflon® e non a base di Teflon®:
  •  •  Rogers® / Arlon(also Copper/Brass supported) : RT/Duroid Family ; RO3000 Family; TMM Family;DiClad Family; Isoclad Family; Cuclad Family; AD Family; AR Family; TC Family 
    •  Rogers® / Arlon®: RO4350 & RO4003 (Back up material for discontinued 25N & 25FR but partiallyapplicable) 
    •  Rogers® : ULTRALAM® 3850HT - Liquid Crystalline Polymer (LCP) 
    •  Iteq "new generation” material for RF and Microvawe applications IT-88GMW, IT-8300GA, IT-8338G,IT-8338A, IT-8350G, IT-8350A, IT-8615G with Dk from 3,00 up to 6,15(,05) 
    •  Taconic®: RF25A2, RF35, RF35A2, RF45, RF60, TSM-DS3, Cer10, FastRise, TACLAM Plus and all teflonfamily (TLX, TLY, TLE)Nelco: Mercurywave series, Meteorwave (1000 & 4000 Series) and all teflon family 
    •  Foam: Rohacel HF51