Making printed circuit boards is a challenging business.


Our customers ask us to make PCBs for all types of industrial application to accommodate certain requirements that differ from case to case.

Each printed circuit board differs from the next and two PCBs may be similar, sharing the structure or the materials used, but they are never identical. A printed circuit board used in a smartphone is unique, just like the one used in the steering wheel of a Formula One car, in the cockpit of military aircraft or a train engine, a radar, a medical device, a vacuum cleaner or a modern electronic coffee machine.

Every day, we are called upon to make something new.

The prototype needs to be ready in just a few hours or a number of days, in other words ASAP. Interaction between the seller, the manufacturer and the buyer needs to be quick and lead to a definite output, which must be structured and thorough.

Making printed circuit boards requires extensive and in-depth expertise, relating to mechanics, electronics, chemistry, photographic printing and much more.


Here at Cistelaier, we have been making printed circuit boards with passion for almost 50 years.
Working at Cistelaier means challenging yourself in a dynamic, exciting and well-organised setting where everyone’s contribution counts.

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