The real challenge for those who make quality PCBs is to improve their service level


Providing excellent "Service" is in Cistelaier’s very DNA.

Our commitment is to continue to develop skills and abilities to help improve the quality of our PCB manufacturing and supply service to offer our customers the highest-value solution to suit their particular needs every time.

This requires experience, organisation, technological expertise, state-of-the-art manufacturing plants, impeccable interaction with our customers and a solid supply chain to accommodate particular requirements also in terms of quantity and economic competitiveness.

Based on these principles, we support our customers from the design phase, in particular for the definition of the stack-up, which is typically the case in the case of controlled-impedance PCBs, to the finished printed circuit board certification, also offering the chance to produce customised certification reports.

During the design phase, we make all our expertise available in order to maximise the finished PCB and, above all, to reduce its cost.
We can then produce a few units of the prototype so the designer can check it meets the design requirements before launching mass production.
The manufacturing phase ends with certification, using detailed information obtained mainly through tests and analyses conducted on the microvias in our labs.

We also produce and deliver both the prototype and the mass production volumes upon request, with a Quick Turnaround (QTA) service.
There are no service limits for our partners.



Bringing together skills in the early stages of the project and co-designing is strategic.

Lab analysis & product certification

Manufacturing efficiently and effectively requires state-of-the-art process and product expertise and laboratory instrumentation.

Quick delivery (QTA)

QTA, the service which shortens design times and accommodates unexpected surges in demand.


Manufacturing from the prototype to mass production is the unwritten deal we make with our partners.