Making printed circuit boards is our passion

PCB Typology

At Cistelaier S.p.A., we have made the decision to make PCBs for all market sectors, including more “critical” industries which have harsh demands and expect superior levels of quality.

The natural outcome of this decision is that we are an all-round manufacturer and partner: we can process many different base materials and master essentially all printed circuit board manufacturing technologies.

The manufacturing system we have devised to ensure impeccable results is the same, regardless of whether the finished product is a double-sided PCB or an HDI flex-rigid one.

So, whatever technology you need, you’ll immediately have the assurance we can be of assistance and that your printed circuit board will be made with the utmost care.



The cost-effective solution for the majority of applications.


More layers means more functions: multi-layer PCBs are the most commonly used type of printed circuit board.

HDI / Sequential build up (SBU)

Those with the best performance-space ratio.

Flexible and Flex-Rigid

The best solution to multiple application issues.

Thick copper

High power / Heavy Copper

Understanding the high-power electronics market to live in the future for the rest of our lives.

Radio frequency (RF) and Microwave

High frequencies require high precision, experience with materials and capable processes.


Every electronic device manufacturer has "special" application products in their portfolio.

Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS)

IMS printed circuit boards are one of the most effective solutions for heat dissipation.