There are a growing number of electronic devices available to us, including in motor vehicles. 

Electronic applications in the automotive field are growing and, with them, the performance required of the printed circuit boards that are part of it: from networking systems to lighting, from cabin comfort control to infotainment, from engine management to safety and enhanced vision systems. 

Every application requires PCBs with specific technical characteristics: power management, heat dissipating capability and flexibility are just some of the requirements that PCBs need to meet. 

Until a few years ago, traditional solutions in the automotive industry were based exclusively on rigid printed circuit boards. Today, flex-rigid, HDI and high speed communication PCBs are required. 

Just think that the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), the Electronic Engine Control Unit (ECU), the infotainment and navigation system are all devices that require flex-rigid printed circuit boards. 

PCBs for automotive application are designed to operate in critical temperature conditions, in the presence of dust, humidity and chemicals, they need to be highly reliable, robust and have a service life of no less than that of the car itself. 

Located in the ideal context of the Italian motorvalley, Cistelaier boasts a consolidated experience in the automotive and supersports racing car industry. 


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