From prototype to mass production.

Our mission is to provide our partners with the best possible service.

That’s why we also offer them our prototyping service upon request, on an exclusive basis.

It is not just a question of producing a new PCB, but of working together to optimise its performance levels and cost.

Typically, to reduce design times and time-to-market, our partners request their prototype with a fast delivery service.

If the designer has already defined the different product versions they intend to compare, these can be produced on the same panel, making them all available at the same time quickly and cost-effectively.

Our know-how, combined with the fact that our factories have been designed to handle manufacturing at speed, allow us to offer you a fast prototyping service.

If you are designing the PCB for your new product and are on the look-out for a supplier who can assist you from prototype to mass production, then you are our ideal partner.

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