High power / Heavy Copper

High Power-Heavy Copper Printed Circuit Boards 

Traditionally the power electronics market has been driven by technology innovations, consumer needs and environmental issues.

Nowadays, we are living in an era driven by electrification and automatization, with a special focus on reducing pollution and increasing efficiencies, the power electronics market is evolving to achieve these goals.

That’s why, we are more than active in the field of High Power – Heavy Copper PCBs, where thick copper allows high current loads and promotes heat dissipation.

Thick copper PCBs typically show structures with copper thicknesses from 105 to 400 µm. We produce on standard basis PCBs with copper thickness up to 500 µm.

To couple high current with the best possible heat dissipation, embedded Copper solutions, with Copper pills or plates, are also in our standard capabilities.

Nevertheless, we have the know-how to combine in a single rigid or even rigid-flex board both, the power and the control electronics.

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