Heterogeneity generates know-how, accelerates development, and makes products stronger and more stable


Printed circuit boards for every market.

The PCB is the heart of any electronic device. 

Cistelaier made the strategic choice to be present in what it considers to be critical market sectors, in particular:  

  • Aerospace & Defense; 
  • Space & New Space;
  • Automotive;
  • Industrial Automation; 
  • Medical; Railways;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Renewable Energy.

The breadth of our business perimeter, as well as making Cistelaier a reference player, is a way in to other less stringent accredited market sectors such as: 

  • Lighting;
  • Home automation;
  • Infotainment;
  • Measuring instruments;
  • Metrology.

Aerospace and Defense

Flight systems, ground devices and marine applications, a comprehensive experience.

Space & New Space

The development of applications for the Space industry will improve humanity’s standard of living.


Safety, performance, comfort and networking: electronics take the car into the future.

Industrial Automation

Having real-time information and processing it quickly improves manufacturing processes.

Medical Devices

PCBs that improve the quality of life. Some even save it.


There are many and increasingly complex electronic systems in use in the railway industry. The evolution of rail transport travels thanks to new and more complex electronic systems.


Developing technology to generate energy from renewable sources is our future.